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Long Covid - Short recovery

With The Boulderstone Technique we teach the body to overcome the legacy of Covid and other lingering illnesses, restoring vitality and energy in one to four, 30-minute, sessions.


The most common symptom of Long Covid is fatigue. Other symptoms include headaches, blocked sinuses, loss of taste and smell, cough and chest tightness, brain fog, inability to concentrate, increased allergies and inflammation anywhere in the body.


One client came with severely blocked sinuses after Covid that led to anxiety and panic attacks through struggling to breathe freely. Improvement began after the first session and after the third she reported that the anxiety and claustrophobia had completely gone, as had the post-nasal drip and sinus problems. Her energy was back:


"I've had no anxiety whatsoever. It's so nice to wake up in the morning and think about something different. I've been great, really well, sleeping very well and eating a lot better. My sinuses are clear."  -  Jane, Plaxtol, Kent

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