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What we really do

If you could feel what was going on with someone who had anxiety, would you? If you could feel their anxiety would you want to experience it? That is what we do at the Boulderstone Technique. It doesn't get rid of the anxiety it only shares it.


BUT when we 'process' that anxiety within ourselves and, at the same time,  if we are connected to the person it came from, we also process THEIR anxiety. That is what we mean by healing.


This is how we work at the Boulderstone Technique, we actually feel what is going on in the patient and we teach them how to process their problem by actually processing it with them. It doesn't matter what feeling has got stuck, we feel it and process it. It might be hard work but we love it.


If we are connected to the person and they show us an allergy or MS or depression, we can process that as well.

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