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Would you like to experience what is going on in a person with PTSD as they are re-living their trauma? As practitioners of the Boulderstone Technique that is what we do. We do not feel things exactly as the patient feels it but we feel our version of it. Luckily we do not have the memory of the original trauma in our heads for if we did we would be in the same difficulty as the patient.

Experiencing what the patient is feeling allows us to know when they are trying to escape and we can keep them on track. It also allows us to know when they start getting bogged down and we can help them through the problem. Also, when it gets overwhelming we create a little distance, relieving some of the pressure. This is how we get people to process their PTSD in such a short time.

The danger is not to the patient but to the practitioner who can take problems away from the process. We have known about these problems since the beginning and have found a way of clearing them, again without talking. These problems may result in burn-out or other difficulties which we also know how to clear.

If you would like to learn how to clear PTSD rapidly or clear your own burn-out or both, please get in contact.

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