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Phobias and compulsions

'After one session on my fear of flying I was able to get on a plane with no problem at all' JL, Sevenoaks, Kent

Phobias and compulsions are similar. Phobias force you away from a certain experience and compulsions force you towards a certain experience. Using the Boulderstone Technique the strong feelings involved with both phobias and compulsions can be felt and transformed into neutrality and peace. 


Phobia and compulsions are usually a symptom of a more general underlying anxiety that has got fixated on certain things. Sometimes these fixations can seem quite random and sometimes they relate to a particular traumatic event. For example, we treated a woman in her seventies who developed a fear of the parked cars outside her house, to the extent that she kept her curtains closed. After talking for a while about her life story it emerged that as a young child she had been involved in a road accident when her school bus overturned. The way she had been encouraged to suppress her feelings about the incident and to never talk about it meant the trauma was buried, only to surface much later in life with this phobia. We were able to help her by clearing the energy of shock and fear associated with the original trauma. 



A three year old boy came with a fear of wasps after being attacked by a swarm. It was a recent trauma but was already shifting into a fear of all flying insects. First we got him to talk about what happened so we could feel what was going on with him energetically when he thought about the trauma, this took about 20 seconds. After clearing the uppermost fear, we asked him what the swarm of wasps sounded like. This stimulated some more reaction that we were able to work with. The next question was 'What did it feel like?' Each question enabled him to re-connect with his reaction to the original trauma. When that layer was cleared we could ask the next question in order to clear some more. The whole treatment took 20 minutes and at the end of it the overwhelming fear and trauma was gone. He knew when it wasn't an issue any more.


'I was absolutely terrified of spiders. I couldn't ever rest and I was constantly tense in case there was a spider in the room. I would scream and climb on the table if one came into the room. I was petrified one might climb up my leg. After only 3 sessions of the Boulderstone Technique I am no longer frightened of spiders at all. I touched a spider on the fence outside - a big black wood spider. Today I held a tarantula in my hand. It was lovely, soft, furry and tickly. I'm thinking of getting one as a pet. I can't believe it - the fear has completely gone!'  EC, Tunbridge Wells


When sorting out a spider or any other phobia we do not shock patients by surprising them with their problem. We do not use actual spiders or anything that looks like them. We just work with the energy behind the fear that you feel when thinking of the problem. The technique is gentle and completely patient-led.


Many people think that phobias and compulsions are 'made up' or 'all in the head'. If they could feel what we feel when we connect with the phobia's energy they would know just how real and strong they can be, but also how they can be transformed into lasting peace. 

These are some of the phobias people have come for treatment for:


bees and wasps



enclosed spaces



getting cancer



driving on motorways


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