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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

After working with hundreds of people with PTSD, we know how to eliminate this condition. When gone about in the right way, PTSD can be removed rapidly and easily.

“My partner had suffered with PTSD all his life. He had spent thousands of pounds on treatment and explored many different avenues to alleviate his symptoms. After 3 sessions with John he was like a new man. He had light in his eyes, and joy in his heart. He has lost over 2 stone in weight and his diabetic medication has been halved. Needless to say, our relationship has been transformed. Thank you John for all that you have done for us.” – Ms S., London

Talking therapies rarely work

Talking therapies complicate the problem because PTSD is not stored in words. Suppressive drugs also complicate the problem, they just push PTSD under the surface. Easily the best solution we have found is The Boulderstone Technique.

“There’s been a massive improvement (after one treatment). My breathing is better. I haven’t had any more anxiety or panic attacks. I feel absolutely fine now.” – EH, Brighton

PTSD is curable

PTSD is a traumatic, overwhelming experience stored in the body through tension. We know this because we feel the tension and use that tension to eliminate the condition.

If you have PTSD you may feel tense and afraid of re-living the original trauma. With our technique we take the emotion out of the problem so that  you can not get overwhelmed. We clear the trauma quickly, through clearing out its store, bit by bit, in a manageable way.

We have found a way that allows anyone with PTSD to get hold of a small amount of their trauma and remove that small amount, just like you would remove any small trauma. PTSD is stored like a hologram, you can get a small amount of it and clear that out. By repeating the process of isolating a small piece of the whole and healing each small part, we remove all of it, without feelings of overwhelm. It usually takes a maximum of three sessions.

Some people want to come for a single session to make sure the technique is for them, that is perfectly acceptable. Even so removing PTSD only takes days to clear with The Boulderstone Technique. If you have simple PTSD you will need a maximum of three sessions, if you need more you can have them at no extra charge. Please do not waste time with ineffective therapies that may complicate your situation, get your PTSD cleared.

When PTSD is removed there is only one thing left, peace.