Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

When any experience becomes overwhelming and is too much to handle the mind stores it for dealing with later. If the experience continues to be too much to handle, even when in a safe place and at a later date, then PTSD is diagnosed. The mind tries to clear the problem by replaying the experience, as the mind saw it, in an attempt to ‘complete’ it. If this is not successful it becomes a panic episode. While the stored experience remains too much to handle PTSD remains. PTSD is not a problem that requires drugs, instead, it is a problem of understanding how the mind works.

Counselling and talking about the problem are attempts to relive the experience from a more distant perspective. However, there is little control over the situation and it is easy for the client to get off track or get overwhelmed. Also, talking involves words but the experience wasn’t composed of words and isn’t stored in words. Talking about the problem, even when possible, does not really engage the experience. But engaging the experience might be too much.

The solution is to know how to slow down the experience when it gets out of control, to keep it on track when there is a desire to escape and to speed it up when it gets bogged down and all the while maintain a connection to peace. This is why you need a skilled practitioner, someone who has experienced all of this before.

When done correctly and cleared, the problem is not forgotten but from then on there is a connection to peace so if the client wants to relate the experience they can without getting overwhelmed or lost, they have a choice. No more panic episodes.

Practically, what this means is, we have the person lie on a couch, we hold their head and feel what is going on when they start to think about their primary trauma feeling. When we do this the tension in the person becomes obvious and we keep the person on track and not escaping. If it starts to become too much and they start to become overwhelmed we slow it down. We work through the original traumatic event feeling until it is all connected to peace. In this way we resolve virtually every case in minutes rather than weeks, months or years, without having to talk about it. There is a video of the process here.

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“My partner had suffered with PTSD all his life. He had spent thousands of pounds on treatment and explored many different avenues to alleviate his symptoms. After 3 sessions with John he was like a new man. He had light in his eyes, and joy in his heart. He has lost over 2 stone in weight and his diabetic medication has been halved. Needless to say, our relationship has been transformed. Thank you John for all that you have done for us.” – Ms S., London

“There’s been a massive improvement (after one treatment). My breathing is better. I haven’t had any more anxiety or panic attacks. I feel absolutely fine now.” – EH, Brighton

All testimonies have been offered by our clients, in their own words.