The Boulderstone Technique works just as well on animals as it does on people. In May we took some of our students on a field trip to stables where a few ponies needed some healing work.

Smartie is a beautiful spotty pony. He was rescued from being tethered with a chain on the side of the road. The new owner guessed that he had a chronic headache and said he was always bad-tempered and antisocial. As soon as any of us put our hand on his head we could feel an intense downward movement, as if Smartie was revisiting the way his head was pulled downwards by the chain. As John kept his hand on the pony’s head, the head started swaying wildly from side to side. The video below captures the second half of the treatment, after the swaying stopped. In it we can see how the pony lowers his head all the way down to the ground, revisiting the original trauma. It is only when his head actually touches the ground that he jerks it back up a little. He was following the movement needed for healing that would have taken him further than the ground if it had been possible. You can see how focussed he is on following the movement coming from within. He is unperturbed by anything John is doing to facilitate this, being only slightly spooked by the dog coming close.

At the end of the session Smartie was pricking up his ears and looking lighter and ‘all floaty’ according to his owner. She says he has been much better and doesn’t seem to have a headache any more.

Amber, a small chestnut pony, had a double sized lump at the top of her neck. John got one of the students to use The Boulderstone Technique on the lump and it was greatly reduced in size within minutes. There is still a tiny lump left that will need a second treatment.

Charlie, a 14.2 cob, also had a lump, just above his chest. This felt as if it was from a bad injury in the past and needed some deeply focussed work. Afterwards we could hardly feel where the lump had been.

Galahad is another rescue horse who had had a tooth removed from his lower jaw at the front. He had been shaking his head around and up and down and working his jaw and lips (you can see him doing this in the background of the video). We did some work on his jaw, but working directly on the painful spot was a bit much and after a while he started pulling away and we had to stop. The owner reports him being more relaxed and shaking his head less after treatment, but he will definitely need another session.