The Boulderstone Technique

We treat people not diseases

The Boulderstone Technique (TBT) has been in development for over 20 years. It draws on ancient knowledge about the central role life force energy plays in keeping us healthy.

We do many things in life that affect our energy, creating obstructions in the flow of our vitality or life force. We eat foods that disagree with us, we get over-stressed and anxious. We strain and injure our bodies. We can struggle to assimilate the vitamins and minerals we need to nourish us and fail to respond completely to our own hormones whose job it is to keep our bodies in health.
When you come to our clinic our job is to find out the specific factors blocking your vitality and then to guide you in dismantling them one by one. For allergies and sensitivities this is similar to a gentle desensitisation process, but it is actually to educate your body to learn to be okay with these substances.

How does The Boulderstone Technique work?

Boulderstone Technique practitioners are trained to locate the inner tension which stops the flow of energy. We increase the inner tension to make the body more aware of it which allows a release. We work through the different tension-causing issues one by one until the problems go and you have more available energy. The results can be life-changing. 

We treat people not diseases, so most people can benefit whether they have a diagnosed disease or not.

We help you:

clear your allergies

undo the effects of past traumas

get your energy back

increase your happiness

improve your health today