“My partner had suffered with PTSD all his life. He had spent thousands of pounds on treatment and explored many different avenues to alleviate his symptoms. After 3 sessions with John he was like a new man. He had light in his eyes, and joy in his heart. He has lost over 2 stone in weight and his diabetic medication has been halved. Needless to say, our relationship has been transformed. Thank you John for all that you have done for us.” – Ms S., London

“I was under tremendous pressure at work. The stress kept building up and up. I was hardly sleeping and anxious all the time. I could feel the anxiety causing my heart to flutter which worried me. After one session of TBT I felt much better, more positive and much more human. It was a long time since I felt myself – I had lost the grasp of what normality was. Now I’m in a much better place. I’m more relaxed at bed time and can switch off and I have more clarity on things in my head. The heart flutter has nearly gone and I am much less stressed. The treatment has been really helpful.”   SD, Tunbridge Wells

“No panic attacks, no depression, no anxiety. When I think about how I was….it’s a miracle!”  – SS, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

“My stress levels were in the red by the end of term. I developed some physical symptoms from the stress and I put on weight. One session of The Boulderstone Technique was all I needed to set me straight. It definitely helped. Now I am much better organised and coping much better. The workload has actually increased but I can manage it better. My physical ailments have disappeared again. I will definitely come back if I feel overwhelmed like that again.” – AP, Tonbridge

“I have been a lot happier, a lot lighter. Happier at work. I don’t let the clutter thoughts creep in at night. I’m more in control. It is so nice to be happy and smiley and lighter….it is such an improvement in my quality or life.” – JP, Tunbridge Wells