Physical Injuries & Inflammation

We treat everyone from world class athletes to small children with many different physical ailments, from injuries to repetitive strain and inflammation. When the problem is in a specific location on the body we usually apply the technique to that area. We feel for a disruption in the energy flow and focus on that until it has disappeared. With injuries from sports, accidents or operations, there is usually shock stored in the tissues which needs to be released before the body can heal properly. With repetitive strain (eg tennis elbow) the shock and distortion is held in the tissues and added to again and again. This can be undone but will build up again if the same repeated action is continued without modification.

‘As a professional badminton player I am so grateful that I can come and have The Boulderstone Technique to undo any injuries and strains I get playing the sport I love. So many times I would be unable to compete if it wasn’t for John.’ JM, world class badminton player.

Working on the local area can also be applied successfully to areas of inflammation and infection, such as congested chests, dental abscess, blocked sinuses etc.

We frequently work on people’s backs, knees and shoulders, not manipulating bones or muscles but always helping the person correct the energy flow through that part of the body. It is usually the distortion in the energy flow that is stopping the person from getting better. We can apply the technique to both recent and very old injuries.

People often come to us with a vague diagnosis of ‘chronic fatigue’ or ‘autoimmune disease’ with general symptoms of inflammation all over the body and often feeling very unwell. Our approach would be to look for any causal factors, such as food sensitivities, side effects of medication or vaccination, never-been-well-since a virus or an emotional upset and so on. The Boulderstone Technique is then used to clear everything that is blocking the flow of vitality. We have an excellent success rate with these chronic debilitating conditions.

‘My hands have been so much better – the swelling has gone right down and I have no more pain. I have been able to come off all medication.’ GB, Eastbourne