Phobias and compulsions

“I was absolutely terrified of spiders. I couldn’t ever rest and I was constantly tense in case there was a spider in the room. I would scream and climb on the table if one came in the room. I was petrified one might climb up my leg. After only 3 sessions of The Boulderstone Technique I am no longer frightened of spiders at all. I touched a spider on the fence outside – a big black wood spider. Today I held a tarantula in my hand. It was lovely, soft, furry and tickly. I’m thinking of getting one as a pet. I can’t believe it – the fear has completely gone!” – EC, Tunbridge Wells, 5/11/16

Phobias and compulsions are similar. Phobias force you away from a certain experience and compulsions force you towards a certain experience. Using the Boulderstone Technique the force that both compulsions and phobias generate can be felt and modified. Phobias can be transformed from an absolute need to avoid a situation to a feeling of neutrality. And the same is true for compulsions, we take the feeling of need and transform it into neutrality.

This means that a person may come to us with an absolute dread of spiders and after a few treatments they may even be curious about them. When sorting out a spider phobia, or any other phobia, we do not shock patients by surprising them with their problem. The technique is completely patient led. Most people want their phobia or compulsion removed and that impetus alone is all that is required for us to do our job.

Many people think that phobias and compulsions are ‘made up’ by the patient. If they could feel what we feel they would know just how real and strong they can be.

“I’ve been claustrophobic since childhood. My nose would frequently block up and I’d go into a panic. I took a lot of medication for anxiety. After one treatment of The Boulderstone Technique I was panicking less, even when my nose was blocked. After the second treatment I had no panic at all, even with a heavy cold. The claustrophobia and panic had completely gone – it just went away as you were treating me. A year later and I have had no panicky episodes and am off all medication.” – Joyce, aged 87, Surrey