In June 2008 I first came to see John. I was officially diagnosed in May. I had already had symptoms for 10 years, was totally cramped up and immobile physically. Mentally I was in a similar state, glum and depressed. couldn’t be bothered with anything. Everything was an effort. I was in a negative spiral, work was difficult, everything was difficult. I think it’s a real hurdle, trying to tell people about The Boulderstone Technique. It’s inexplicable what John does. I have not come across anything like this before or since. John is a great healer and a great counsellor.

The head/ neck exercises are good to do on your own; it is important to make time out for yourself to make yourself get better. Originally I was put off by the cost and quirkiness of it and the lack of explanation on the website.

I was an absolute cynic; I came originally for my wife’s sake, taking advantage of a free consultation. I had my own questions:  Could I trust him? Could I open up to him? Will I understand more how the treatment works?  What is his track record?

I made an assessment of John in half an hour and he passed all the questions with flying colours. I was very impressed. I came back to do the training week. Even after that first day things were changing and I felt really good. It was quite emotional for me, my wife and I sat and sobbed. Emotionally there was an unblocking that involved remembering memories I had forgotten, happy as well as sad. Physically there has been loosening up of contracted muscle. I felt a lot taller and I was extending again. Mentally I realised I could do a lot without help and felt more positive.

I have a new role at work. Everyone is telling me how great I’m doing. I get up and down days;I can manage when I get crampy or numb by using the exercises at home.

“I get some symptoms starting to creep back, but I sort them out with the exercises. I’m very pleased with what has happened. I’m getting stronger, fitter, happier, more energetic. I’m a scientist by background, but there is no denying the before and after picture.”