Life Force

The Life Force

A fairy godmother, someone once called me. This last week I was called a god by one woman, and an alchemist by another. I don’t take it personally as I know it is not really me or what I do that they are talking about. I am a facilitator, as is my client, but it is the life force that is doing the work.

What is the life force? Simply, the energy flow through a living organism that does not flow when it is dead. When this energy is flowing freely, everything is in order and the organism is alive and healthy. When there is no flow, it is dead. Most of us are on a spectrum of health between the two, with the life force more or less flowing, despite the various restrictions we put in its way.

The restrictions come about through the various stresses of life that we don’t completely deal with at the time, storing up trouble for the future. These can be mental, such as work stress; emotional, as in bereavement and other upsets; or physical, from injuries and illnesses that we haven’t completely recovered from. On-going allergies can also stop the life force flowing the way it should.

When these stresses are worked through and the energy congestion is cleared from the body using our Boulderstone Technique the life force can flow freely again, increasing vitality and health and even happiness.

It is the life force that deserves to be equated with a god or some magical force, but the miracle at work is simply that of nature doing its thing perfectly, as soon as we get ourselves out of the way.

by Katharine Boulderstone