Dear Head Teacher
I was a secondary school teacher for five years but I burnt out due to stress. I loved the job but the emotional demands were, in the end, too much. I stayed in education but moved away from teaching children. Looking back I can see my problems clearly but at the time I was too focussed on getting through the week. Things always seemed easier to deal with at the beginning of term but became harder as the school year progressed. If I knew then what I know now, things would have been easier because I made it my business to fully understand how we create, store and remove stress.
I wonder how many other teachers experience the same stresses?
About thirty years ago I moved into alternative health. To my mind I was doing a similar job: helping people, with my own set of skills. Today, I am still working in alternative health but I have developed a very specialised non-talking technique that clears stress, specifically the sort of stress that teachers have.
For reasons I will come on to I wish to offer this stress-clearing to your school without charge. I would like to come to your school and spend about twenty minutes with each stressed volunteer and have them leave stress-free. Needless to say, I am fully insured.
The reason I am prepared to offer the first session for free is twofold. The first is that I am trying to get the technique more widely known and having the backing of teachers would be an asset. And secondly, once somebody has experienced the technique, I believe they will be willing to pay for a second treatment if needed later on by visiting my clinic in Tunbridge Wells.
The technique can be learnt, reasonably easily, to apply to oneself and after a few sessions some people do not even need a practitioner. After all, if you can put the stress in why shouldn’t you be able to get it out.
“My stress levels were in the red by the end of term. I developed some physical symptoms from the stress and I put on weight. One session of The Boulderstone Technique was all I needed to set me straight. It definitely helped. Now I am much better organised and coping much better. The workload has actually increased but I can manage it better. My physical ailments have disappeared again. I will definitely come back if I feel overwhelmed like that again.” – AP, Tonbridge
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If you want to speak further please phone me at the clinic on 01892 544381 or reply to this email.
Yours sincerely
John Boulderstone