Hi Jo Slocombe

My name is John Boulderstone and, with my wife, I own and run two health clinics in Brighton and Tunbridge Wells. I have developed a new way to undo and completely remove trauma and unresolved emotional issues without endless talking. I am trying to get this technique to be recognised by the police. I believe that the technique, if taught to a police officer at the beginning of their career, could stop hours of unnecessary emotional turmoil.

There is nothing like my technique currently being practiced by anyone else, except those that I have trained. It is not word based, it is not counselling, it is easy and extremely effective. I am contacting you because I saw your story in the POLICE Magazine and you are exactly the sort of person I believe I can help.

I don’t want to get ahead of myself but what I would like is for you to experience my technique and if you can see its benefits to help me get it to be part of police officer training. That is the long term goal but in the short term I would like to offer you free treatment to sort out what you describe in your article.

Please take a look at this website (www.boulderstonetechnique.com) and a new video on “Anxiety, depression and trauma” that I put up today (https://youtu.be/fT7_bsGyjqk    and part2:https://youtu.be/0ShSFs2R3WE). If you are interested in taking up my offer or have further questions please phone me on any clinic number or send me an email at intheclearbrighton@gmail.com

All the best John Boulderstone