Hay fever

“My hayfever was 80% better after the first treatment and completely gone after the second” – PR, Tunbridge Wells

Hay fever is caused by an over-reaction to pollen.

Using our unique Boulderstone Technique, we re-educate the body not to over-react. This can be done at any time of year, although it is most effective to work with the current season’s pollen.

First we test you to find out exactly which pollens you react to. Then we work with those specific pollens until your sensitivity to them is reduced and you no longer feel a reaction. Because the body has been re-educated it doesn’t react in the same way as before.

We can apply this technique to anything that causes hayfever: grasses, rapeseed, summer flower pollens and also spring pollens from trees like silver birch.

What can I do?

The first thing we recommend is to take our allergy test so we know what we are dealing with. Our test takes 30 minutes at our Tunbridge Wells clinic with instant results. Phone on the number below to book an appointment.

“You treated me for hay fever 20 years ago and it has never come back” – DC, Tunbridge Wells

“My daughter was sneezing continuously every 2-3 minutes all day long until she fell asleep exhausted. Conventional medication didn’t touch it. After the first session her eyes stopped itching and her nose was running less. After the 2nd treatment the sneezing just stopped completely. It was a miracle – no more sneezing or blocked nose, even though the pollen count stayed high. It’s amazing.” – TC, Paddock Wood

“I have been very impressed by the improvements in my various allergies. I noticed massive improvements particularly with my hayfever. For example on one of the days I had treatment I had been sneezing and sniffing all morning but then not at all after the treatment! I am a science teacher and I recommended the Boulderstone Technique to one of my students as his allergies were so bad that he used to get through a whole box of tissues in one lesson. The next time he came for a lesson he did not need a single tissue. I was amazed, even though I had been through the same process myself. It is hard to believe, even when the evidence is right in front of you.” SR, Forest Row