“With this approach you can take back control; it gives you a way of helping yourself. Every time I come it reinforces that. I’m now coming every 2 or 3 months. I don’t need to come as much as I used to, as I can do it myself.

“The training has made me feel I can do something to help myself and to control it. It is really life-enhancing; it gives you hope.”

When I was diagnosed with MS at the end of 2006, it was shocking and I was adrift. I first came to John in June 2007.

“I’ve not had any relapses since I started seeing John. The problems with my eye that I used to get, I don’t get at all now. There’s definite improvement.”

John has even helped me with the osteo-arthritis in my knee. I feel more confident about using it and bending it now. The technique helps in so many ways.

Sometimes I don’t give the attention I should, but I still haven’t had any symptoms back that I used to get before. I’m hopeful that I can improve things further by really working on it. I have come to terms with my restrictions – I don’t feel they restrict me in the way they used to before seeing John.”