Depression and grief

If you know anti-depressants are not for you then our approach may be of interest. Our experience of depression is, unfortunately, vast but we have a solution that many people find easy and even enjoyable.

We have discovered that many people with depression know they are depressed because they have a physical sensation somewhere in their body that tells them they are depressed. Of course, other depression symptoms are there as well but we have found that when the physical sensation is removed the depression goes with it. There is no need to endlessly talk about problems, in fact talking very often gets in the way. The physical sensation is removed easily using our technique and the improvement is immediate.

Using the Boulderstone Technique we can remove layers of stuck emotions that may have built up into a picture of depression. You do not need to be able to pinpoint or talk about past events, although many people are aware that they have suffered a bereavement or other loss which is hard to get over. Often people have had one loss or other blow after another and feel completely weighed down by life. We feel the problem and remove it without words.

I’ve been a lot happier, a lot lighter. Happier at work. I don’t let the ‘clutter thoughts’ creep in at night. I’m more in control. It is so nice to be happy and smiley and lighter….. it is such an improvement in my quality of life. – JP, Tunbridge Wells