FAQ around Multiple Sclerosis

Is The Boulderstone Technique a cure for MS? Yes… and no. Cure implies that there is a drug or technique that can be applied to anyone diagnosed with MS and they will get better. That is not the case here. We teach you how your MS has come about and what you can do about […]

No cure for MS?

No cure for MS? Who says “There is no cure for MS”? I would like to challenge this belief which seems to come from doctors and the MS Society. “The Boulderstone Technique has changed my life and helped me to take control of every aspect of it. I feel positive about the future as I […]

Treating MS

Treating MS I have been working with people with MS since 2005 and my experience has led me to the following conclusions.

The desire to cure MS

A pill to cure MS? The desire to cure MS through the use of drugs alone is understandable but for me the idea is absurd.

The MS Cause & Solution

The cause of MS and a solution The Boulderstone Technique for MS is a learning experience, a way of understanding how the MS process can be changed.