Understanding Stress (short version)

Psychological stress

When an elastic band is pulled in two different directions at the same time the band gets stretched and stressed. The same is true for human beings; when we are pulled in different directions by outer demands we can get stressed.

Causes of stress

As well as demands coming from outside, we are constantly dealing with a certain amount of inner conflict. This is actually the main cause of the stress we feel. When pressure is put on us it is this inner conflict that causes us to be pulled in different directions. We have phrases for the pull, like ‘being in two minds’ or ‘my heart says one thing but my head says another’. Whenever we can’t make up our minds over any issue the cause is an inner conflict. All conflicts create some level of stress. Most of them will get resolved fairly quickly as the dislike of living with conflict generates the energy to resolve it. However, some inner conflicts are not so easy to remove by ourselves.

Consequences of stress

Stress is the cause of many illnesses. At the very least it causes us to do things that are unhealthy, which can lead on to other illnesses. Drugs, both prescribed and recreational, are used to distract us from our stresses and inner conflict. There is no drug in the world that will remove stress completely and permanently, but that won’t stop people from trying to find it. The desire for drugs comes in large part from the difficulties of stress. Take away the stress and there is much less need for escape.
Stress also causes a lowering of the ability to fight off problems. When stressed, our immune response is impaired so that illnesses of all sorts can develop. Removing this inner stress can free up the body’s ability to repair itself and maintain health.

Treatment for stress using The Boulderstone Technique

So how does it work? If you stand next to a person who is agitated or angry, you may feel something of their disturbance in yourself. You may also feel something if you stand next to a very calm person. Somehow you can mirror their state. The closer you get to the person the more you can feel. This is not a one-way street; the mentally disturbed person and the calm person can feel things that are going on in you. If you remain calm while they are experiencing chaos they can be aware of that calm, especially when it is pointed out.
A Boulderstone Technique practitioner can help locate your inner stress using a specially developed kinaesthetic sense. He or she will hold your head as you lie relaxed and fully clothed on the treatment table. The practitioner stays calm and centred and you can sense this calmness through their hands. You will be encouraged to think of something that would normally be a problem for you but before it becomes too difficult you will be brought back to calmness. This technique is repeated as many times as is necessary until all the inner tension is released in a gentle but thorough way. This brings you into the present moment, which of course is stress-free because the problem has come from a past event.
In the transition of coming back to calmness from the stressful state a new pathway is automatically created in your brain from the problem to peace. This new pathway is automatically accessible the next time you get into a stressful state. You do not have to think of anything as the calm is already there.
Most problems can be sorted out very quickly.

Who can benefit?

Anyone with mild to severe anxiety, depression, panic attacks, PTSD and burnout can be greatly helped using this technique. We regularly help people leading stressful lives or in particularly stressful occupations such as doctors, nurses, teachers, social workers and armed service and emergency service personnel. Getting on top of everyday stress can avoid burnout later on.

Video – Clearing trauma and abuse

A patient talking about her first two sessions and a live follow up session

A patient’s view of the first two sessions healing trauma and abuse and a third session showing how to process unwanted feelings. Thanks go to this patient who was willing to be filmed. All unresolved emotional problems can be sorted in this way; gently, easily, thoroughly. Ideal for use in the armed forces, police, by nurses and teachers in cases of stress and ptsd.

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