Video – Clearing trauma and abuse

A patient talking about her first two sessions and a live follow up session

A patient’s view of the first two sessions healing trauma and abuse and a third session showing how to process unwanted feelings. Thanks go to this patient who was willing to be filmed. All unresolved emotional problems can be sorted in this way; gently, easily, thoroughly. Ideal for use in the armed forces, police, by nurses and teachers in cases of stress and ptsd.

Understanding Stress

Understanding Stress I discovered what you are about to read in a slow, bit by bit sort of way and although there were mini-eureka moments as I realised how stress can easily be removed there was no brilliant, nuclear flash of comprehension. Even so, I hope you gain some understanding from reading this article. John […]

Health and Disease

Medical breakthrough! New drug for cancer! New gene discovered! Every day we are told by the media that we are on the verge of a cure for some disease or a breakthrough in the treatment of another. We expect progress in this form, that inch by inch we will crawl in the direction of better health, in terms of better control over some of the many diseases we can expect to be bombarded with all our lives.

There is another way of looking at health which is much closer to the truth. It is actually irrelevant to the individual that the world is full of all kinds of illness and disease labels. You are not vulnerable to developing more than a handful of them in your lifetime. These diseases are not the enemy to be fought with every weapon at our disposal. We are wasting valuable time and money researching drugs to fight particular diseases such as cancer. In doing things piecemeal we have lost sight of the bigger picture.

Instead of looking at individual diseases, let’s start by looking at health.
What is health? In conventional terms it is often seen in the negative, just an absence of disease. But health is a fantastically real and positive state to be in, where a person is full of vital energy, able to resist illness, heal wounds quickly and stay in a state of dynamic balance.

What knocks this state of health? It is not, as is commonly assumed, the arrival of an invading army of bugs – of bacteria and viruses – as these live alongside us all the time anyway, usually in peaceful harmony. Chronic diseases like MS or Parkinsons do not appear randomly, out of the blue. It is not strictly true that these ‘could happen to anyone’.

Something happens to make a person susceptible to illness and if we crack that then we can really start to take control over our health. Well, we think we have cracked it and it is remarkably simple. To stay healthy we need to allow our vitality to keep flowing. We need to not get in the way of this flow by creating problems for ourselves.

It is largely internalised stress that makes us block up our vital flow. The stress that comes from everyday living that can build up an inner tension if it is not released. The stress that comes from continuing to eat foods that we have a physical reaction to. The stress that comes form trauma that we don’t know how to process. Clear away these stresses and the life force can flow strongly again, leaving us as healthy as we can be.

Life Force

The Life Force

A fairy godmother, someone once called me. This last week I was called a god by one woman, and an alchemist by another. I don’t take it personally as I know it is not really me or what I do that they are talking about. I am a facilitator, as is my client, but it is the life force that is doing the work.

What is the life force? Simply, the energy flow through a living organism that does not flow when it is dead. When this energy is flowing freely, everything is in order and the organism is alive and healthy. When there is no flow, it is dead. Most of us are on a spectrum of health between the two, with the life force more or less flowing, despite the various restrictions we put in its way.

The restrictions come about through the various stresses of life that we don’t completely deal with at the time, storing up trouble for the future. These can be mental, such as work stress; emotional, as in bereavement and other upsets; or physical, from injuries and illnesses that we haven’t completely recovered from. On-going allergies can also stop the life force flowing the way it should.

When these stresses are worked through and the energy congestion is cleared from the body using our Boulderstone Technique the life force can flow freely again, increasing vitality and health and even happiness.

It is the life force that deserves to be equated with a god or some magical force, but the miracle at work is simply that of nature doing its thing perfectly, as soon as we get ourselves out of the way.

by Katharine Boulderstone


Evidence The Boulderstone Technique is an example of alternative health. As most people know, alternative health is different from orthodox medicine but not everyone knows just how different.