Book: Living with Vitality by John Boulderstone

Preface: Millionaire’s story

Imagine you are walking past a casino, you look onto the ground and see a wad of twenty pound notes. No one is around, so you pick it up and count out the money: there is a thousand pounds. Enough for a holiday, perhaps.
Instead, you decide to go into the casino and put the money on a single number on the roulette wheel. The odds of winning are approximately 36 to 1 and that is what the casino pays out if your number comes up. Anyway, your number does come up and you now have an extra £36,000 pounds.
An hour ago, you were minding your own business and now you don’t need to work for a year. This is a little too much to handle and so, in an attempt to get back to something normal, you put the whole amount on another 36 to 1 single number, really hoping to lose. However, your number comes up. Now your whole life has changed, you have just won over a million pounds. You feel weak, sick, stunned and confused all at the same time. Perhaps you could give the money away to your friends. You just want the feelings you are experiencing to stop – it wasn’t even your thousand pounds in the first place – you should be happy, but it doesn’t feel right.
Finally, in one last ditch effort to put everything right, you count out one thousand pounds and put the rest of the million pounds on the number zero. Reality is only one spin away. You can put the thousand pounds back where you found it and have a story to tell your grandchildren that no one will believe anyway. The wheel spins and, as the ball clanks around the wheel, you already know it will land on zero. You have won the casino and all the money in it. Now there is no escape.
This is the story of my life, but I didn’t win money, I ‘won’ something more valuable. It started when I found I could heal twisted ankles and other strains. After this, I upped the stakes and found that depression could be removed relatively easily. After this, I discovered the next level: the progression of the disease Multiple Sclerosis could be halted in its tracks. Finally, I realised that all illnesses are created by distortions in the flow of life force, and are therefore all susceptible to being cured by a healer able to work with this knowledge.
Every human being has the power to be a health millionaire and to live with vitality. This book is written to show you how.