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Clare Clare was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2000, although she had had an attack involving numb feet and shins 15 years earlier, followed by a couple of minor optic attacks. In 1999 she had an attack of optic neuritis followed by her feet, shins and fingers becoming numb again and she also had a […]

Roy and Lorraine

Roy Interviewed 12/9/08 First symptoms of MS were 18 years ago. In the months before seeing John, symptoms were getting noticeably worse. Been seeing John for over a year and in that time has had no worsening of symptoms, no relapses and no bad day.


Mario In June 2008 I first came to see John. I was officially diagnosed in May. I had already had symptoms for 10 years, was totally cramped up and immobile physically. Mentally I was in a similar state, glum and depressed. couldn’t be bothered with anything. Everything was an effort. I was in a negative […]