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Hay fever

Hay fever “My hayfever was 80% better after the first treatment and completely gone after the second” – PR, Tunbridge Wells Hay fever is caused by an over-reaction to pollen.

Hay Fever and Pet Allergies – Quotes

What people have said “My hay fever was 80% better after the first treatment and completely gone after the second” – PR, Tunbridge Wells

Health and Disease

Medical breakthrough! New drug for cancer! New gene discovered! Every day we are told by the media that we are on the verge of a cure for some disease or a breakthrough in the treatment of another. We expect progress in this form, that inch by inch we will crawl in the direction of better […]

Life Force

The Life Force A fairy godmother, someone once called me. This last week I was called a god by one woman, and an alchemist by another. I don’t take it personally as I know it is not really me or what I do that they are talking about. I am a facilitator, as is my […]


Evidence The Boulderstone Technique is an example of alternative health. As most people know, alternative health is different from orthodox medicine but not everyone knows just how different.

Vaccine damage & other poisonings

Vaccine damage & other poisonings Boulderstone Technique practitioners are sensitive people. We can put our hands on people and feel where there is a problem. This ability has been honed over twenty years with thousands of patients. If we hold a person’s head and and place a substance they are allergic or even just sensitive […]

FAQ around Multiple Sclerosis

Is The Boulderstone Technique a cure for MS? Yes… and no. Cure implies that there is a drug or technique that can be applied to anyone diagnosed with MS and they will get better. That is not the case here. We teach you how your MS has come about and what you can do about […]

No cure for MS?

No cure for MS? Who says “There is no cure for MS”? I would like to challenge this belief which seems to come from doctors and the MS Society. “The Boulderstone Technique has changed my life and helped me to take control of every aspect of it. I feel positive about the future as I […]