I was diagnosed with MS summer of 2010 and I was recommended to see John and started treatment with him in the following winter.

I felt immediately better after the first free consultation as it all made sense logically and I felt hopeful that this might work. I felt as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, as the hospital had left me with no hope at all.

I thought my life would be in a wheelchair followed by an early death. Seeing John put things in perspective. I realised I could do a lot to help myself. I could see how I tended to build things up and worry about things, building up tension in my neck until I got symptoms.

I haven’t got any worse since I’ve been coming to see John and I know I would probably have been in a wheelchair by now. One time when I had neglected my head clearing exercises, my eye went funny so my vision was split. I came to see John, he sorted it out and I haven’t had any problem since.

It’s a flaw in my character that I don’t deal with stuff – I let it build up – but I don’t want to be ill, so I come back when I need to. After four years I am staying well and coming for a session every 6 months to make sure I stay clear. I do the exercises by myself, but I like the security of coming every so often, as I know if I let it slide things might build up again and I could get worse. I know I need to come when I need clearing.

People with MS should come and see John and make their own judgement. The first consultation is free so they have nothing to lose. I am happy for people to phone me if they want to talk to someone who has learnt the technique.

Audrey, interview 17/6/14 and still well November 2018