From anxiety, stress, trauma, depression and more to PEACE

We teach people how to get peace back in their lives. Peace is our natural state but sometimes it gets smothered by stress, anxiety, trauma, depression, obsessions and even compulsions.

With our technique we get you back to peace from the very first session. Everyone comes out of the first session in a better state than when they went in. This is why we say come for a single session and then decide if you want to continue, we know you will. The number of sessions after that is dependent on many factors. Some people need a few while others need only one or two. Generally children only need two or three shorter sessions. One of the reasons why the Boulderstone Technique is different from other therapies is because of the speed with which we can remove problems. Long-held grief generally takes a single session to clear, regardless of the amount of time it has been suppressed, and PTSD takes 1-6 sessions, regardless of its severity.

Past unresolved difficulties may be a cause of anxiety but, whatever they are, they can be cleared. We have worked with people who have had really terrible difficulties and others who are worried about an upcoming 11+ exam. The situations may be different but to the person they can appear similar. Our solution is the same in each case: take the problem to peace in a rapid, gentle and permanent way. Over thirty years in practise has taught us that all problems have a path to peace, without any need for belief.

What we do

A Boulderstone Technique practitioner feels your inner stress. They hold your head as you lie on the treatment table. The practitioner stays in peace which you may sense. As your practitioner gets you to connect with your problem the sense of peace is maintained and you keep getting brought back to calmness. We repeat the process until peace is a permanent feature of the problem. No anxiety, no panic attacks, no stress just peace and very little talking.

“No panic attacks, no depression, no anxiety. When I think about how I was….it’s a miracle!”  – SS, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

“I wish I came to see you when I first heard about you, I could have saved so much time and worry.” – CM, Tonbridge

For a first appointment please book one hour of Boulderstone Technique for adults and children using the button below or phone one of our clinics.

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