Anxiety and stress clearing

including depression, trauma, phobias and obsessive behaviours

Our technique rests on the way that the body stores unresolved emotions.

Understanding this means we do not use talking to solve issues. Instead we clear the underlying cause of anxiety through working with the subtle movements we feel when holding the client’s head while they connect with their inner stress.

Clearing is rapid, gentle and permanent.

We see both children and adults even if they are prescribed anti-anxiety medication.

Results are seen very quickly, even after the first session. After the first session you will be clear about how we work and ease and speed at which seemingly impossible problems are resolved.

“My stress levels were in the red by the end of term. I developed some physical symptoms from the stress and I put on weight. One session of The Boulderstone Technique was all I needed to set me straight. It definitely helped. Now I am much better organised and coping much better. The workload has actually increased but I can manage it better. My physical ailments have disappeared again. I will definitely come back if I feel overwhelmed like that again.” – AP, Tonbridge

Our recommendation to people experiencing anxiety is to book a one hour appointment and feel the improvement for yourself.

Schedule Anxiety Clearing or telephone one of our clinics, see below.