Animal Allergies

“My son and I were both having terrible reactions to our cat. Ben was able to stroke the cat straight after the treatment and was fine. We’ve been fine ever since – no more itching and streaming, even with the cat on our lap.” – S, Tunbridge Wells

As lovely as animals are they can cause problems for sensitive people. Sensitivities to house dust mite, feathers, cat or rabbit fur, dog hair and horse dander can all be tested and treated with The Boulderstone Technique.

If you are sensitive to a particular animal – perhaps your own pet or another family member’s, bring along a sample of their hair and we can make sure you will be fine with that particular animal.

Working with a sample of hair (and for dogs some saliva on a cotton bud is useful too) we can guide your reactions to it until you stop having any symptoms at all.

This can usually be done in 3 sessions of 30 minutes each.

The technique teaches your body not to overreact to animal hair, saliva or dander, so that you will be able to pet animals and share a house with them. We use the same technique on house dust and feathers.

What can I do?

The first thing we recommend is to take our allergy test so we know what we are dealing with. Our test takes 30 minutes at our Tunbridge Wells clinic with instant results. Phone on the number below to book an appointment.