John Boulderstone

John Boulderstone

John and his wife Katharine established and ran the well known Helios Clinic in Tunbridge Wells for ten years before setting up the Boulderstone Centre for Life Force Healing. Now they are based at In the Clear, a walk-in clinic in Tunbridge Wells. They have both taught at the School of Homoeopathy, the Dynamis School, the Welsh School and the Burren School in Ireland. John has also taught in United States and New Zealand. They are both fully qualified practitioners and have comprehensive insurance.

John finished school with a desire to be a maths teacher and realised this ambition after he completed a maths degree and teaching certificate from London University.

“I always knew I could tune into what was going on in people, I believe many people can, and I wanted to see how far it could go.”

In the 1980s he went to a homeopath as a patient and had an amazingly positive reaction. This experience led him to want to know more.

“People say homeopathy does not work. If you had the personal experience I had, you couldn’t question it”

He started training at the College of Homeopathy and continued with a post graduate course at the Dynamis School. In 1987, he saw his first patient as an alternative health practitioner. Following this he trained as a Craniosacral therapist at Karuna, Devon. In 1996 he discovered what is now called the Boulderstone Technique.

I believe that medical scientists will not be able to find a solution to most diseases because they are intimately linked to factors that science does not yet measure. Namely, the ability to deal with emotions, vitality, will power and life force. The Boulderstone Technique works directly on these areas in a new and unique way.

John wrote the book “Living with Vitality” which explains how health works, from a vitalistic point of view, and how illness occurs. In this book he does not deny the fantastic achievements made by medical science but he explains that at its edge there is room for creative thinking; after all medicine is an art as well as a science.

Katharine Boulderstone

Katharine’s interest in people led her to study Anthropology and Social and Political Sciences at Cambridge University. After that she taught English to people of many different nationalities in Paris and London.

An interest in health grew when her first child was dying of leukaemia. Katharine was unimpressed by the conventional medical approach. Since cancer develops when there is a failure of the immune system, it did not make sense to her to poison the body with toxic chemotherapy and undermine the immune system further. When this approach failed her daughter, she became interested in therapies that claimed to support the immune system and enhance the natural ability of the body to heal itself.

Katharine’s good friend convinced her of the logic and wisdom of homeopathic philosophy. She took her daughter to a renowned homeopath, even though she knew it was too late to expect a cure. She found that the remedies he prescribed had an extraordinary effect, actually removing some of the symptoms, even at such a late stage in the disease, and creating a much better dying experience.

She was hooked – both on the intellectual challenge and the apparent results that homeopathy could provide. She studied homeopathy at the Devon School of Homeopathy, followed by a post-graduate course at the Dynamis School. Then she worked with Janice Micallef for 7 years, learning about energy work and taking part in dozens of provings of new remedies. (Provings are what homeopaths call the experiments done on healthy volunteers to determine exactly what symptoms each substance causes. These are recorded in detail and then checked against clinical use and confirmation of cure.)

She has been in homeopathic practice since 1990 and has been a supervisor and mentor for other homeopaths for over twenty years.

Katharine has been on television to talk about her work and many years ago she hosted a weekly homeopathic phone-in on Radio Kent.

As well as doing various healing courses, Katharine studied muscle testing at the Academy of Systematic Kinesiology. She is registered and insured with the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths. She is also an experienced Re-evaluation Counsellor. Most importantly of all, she has been successfully using, developing and teaching The Boulderstone Technique since 1996.

Adele Rogers

Adele trained as a dancer with Rambert School of Ballet and enjoyed a career in dance, theatre and television for 20 years.

After meeting John and Katharine Boulderstone 20 years ago, she trained and taught on John’s life force yoga teacher training courses and learned the healing art of The Boulderstone Technique.

Adele currently teaches yoga and yoga therapy to all levels, ages and abilities. This enables her to meet people from all walks of life, helping with her understanding of what hinders and heals (helps) people through their various experiences. She can also now be found practising The Boulderstone Technique at our Brighton clinic every Monday and Tuesday from 10am-5pm and is actively teaching the next generation of practitioners.