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"Community outreach is the essence of healing from atrocity."



We are dedicated to providing free PTSD treatment to refugees. Our impactful work has already helped many traumatised individuals reclaim themselves as they begin their new lives in the UK.  We recognise  the value in providing this treatment as it serves not only the refugees we treat but also the communities we are co-creating.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) arrises when an individual is unable to process one or multiple traumatic memories. Ordinarily, the mind processes a memory by replaying it and at the same time maintaining a connection to peace, so that the next time it is replayed the sense of peace goes with it. If one cannot maintain a connection to peace then the memory remains unprocessed.




An Afghan Police Officer's Story

A former policewoman dragged herself out of bed to attend her first session on a rainy english morning. Her hair was unwashed and dark circles framed hollow eyes and a despondent disposition. Plagued by insomnia and unrelenting nausea she says she would rather return to Afghanistan and face the Taliban’s brutality than to continue to endure the agony of being separated from her young daughters and all that she had fought for.


I was nervous. This woman had both endured and participated in immense brutality.  The severity of her trauma was palpable. Yet after several minutes on the treatment couch her breathing softened and I realised for the first time in days, she was fast asleep. I watched with astonishment as the tension melted from her face and for a few precious moments I felt I bore witness to the innocent young girl she once was.


"We do not have the power to end war, but we can restore peace."

Three months on and this striking lady greets me with a smile and hug and giggles as she proudly shows me the dance routines on TikTok she’s started copying. Every visit leading up to this we have been encouraging her to move- to help release pent up trauma, to ease the tension in her muscles and the grief in her heart. I stand beaming at her; I couldn’t imagine how her face could wear a smile when we first met. Despite all that has been taken, in this moment, her joy shines brighter than the darkness that encased her.  


I have worked with many extraordinary people; a young lady who developed seizures after witnessing a terror attack at her university, her father who is crippled by chest pain, a visceral response to his heart-breaking loss, a gently spoken mother who is faced with learning to read and write for the very first time – in a foreign language. I could tell you of the children and the unspeakable horror they have witnessed through their peircing little eyes.


But I’ll hold back, because there are many more stories to tell, of the people we haven’t yet reached.


Please support our mission to provide free treatment to refugees. An act of kindness is the most power gift and unites us in our common humanity. Please don't underestimate the power of giving- no matter how small! Alternatively if you have any suggestions on how we can fund our work moving forward we would be grateful to hear from you.

We are dedicated to working with all refugee communities and recognise the inequalities and complexities within different groups. We believe in restorative peace and the transformative power of uniting in our common humanity, for refugees and the new communities we are co-creating.


                                        Please Donate to Support Our Work

 We pledge 100% of this money will directly go towards funding refugee treatment.

Please feel free to reach out for more information or to discuss alternative payment methods.

Sort: 60-83-71

Account number: 79080618

Account name: Boulderstone Technique Ltd

Please put 'refugee' as the reference for any bank transfers.

Wishing you peace & positivity,

 Georgia, on behalf of The Boulderstone Team


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