What we do

When you come to our clinic our job is to find out the specific factors blocking your vitality and then to guide you in dismantling them one by one. We generally work with our hands on your head, you lying on the couch. No drugs, little talking, just straight to the heart of the problem. The results can be life-changing.

Start with a phone call to us to discuss symptoms or book straight in for an allergy test and follow up (30 minutes) or full treatment (1 hour). Follow up sessions may be needed to reach the core of your problem. Family rates or discounts on multiple sessions may be offered.

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We bring you back to peace.

We  literally feel your problems, and we resolve them, painlessly and efficiently. This is a powerful technique, which stays completely true to you throughout. Aiming for a lasting solution, we help your body or mind understand how to heal itself, ​in a short time undoing the tension behind your problems, so you can be as happy, healthy and as mobile as you can be.

We are here to help you be the healthiest you can be by clearing your problems on an energetic level


The Boulderstone Technique is designed to educate you and your body and mind,

drawing on ancient knowledge about the central role the life force plays in keeping us healthy.


Human beings have a great capacity for healing, and we access this, treating people, not diseases, staying 100% true to you every step of the way. Effective alternative health.

If you know how to listen to the messages your body and mind send you, then you can get better. We listen to you with our hands and our experience. Training courses are run periodically.