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What we do

We heal people. When you come to our clinic, we find the real reasons for your symptoms and then guide you to finding the solution as quickly as possible.

We offer an allergy test and removal, stress removal, mental clearing, PTSD clearing and treatment addressing both short and long term health issues. Sessions vary between 30 and 60 minutes. Start with a phone call to find out what is most appropriate for you or book an appointment straight away 

Our results change lives.

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"In a total of 5 sessions (The Boulderstone Technique) sorted out my panic attacks and anxiety, completely got rid of my hay fever, sorted out my allergy to my dog and other animals, cleared my candida and got me to change my diet. Now I feel calm and positive and can cope in situations that brought on anxiety before. My breathing is easier, I no longer sneeze every morning and my headaches have gone. I feel really well and energetic."   - Sarah, Tunbridge Wells

The Boulderstone Technique

Using the Boulderstone Technique, we literally feel a version of your problems, both physically and emotionally, and clear them, painlessly and efficiently. This is a powerful technique, which uses feedback from your body to find a lasting solution that brings you back to physical and mental health.

Read more about the Boulderstone Technique here.

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