Why become a Boulderstone practitioner?

Becoming a Boulderstone Practitioner is a wonderful and enlightening journey.  It is a journey into life’s vitality and essence.

Using The Boulderstone Technique you can learn to enable healing for a great many different types of illness.

The perfect student for this technique is someone who can sit in openness without judgement of the client; someone interested in self healing and growth and someone who meditates or wants to learn.

New training course starting February 2019

We are recruiting students to learn The Boulderstone Technique in the New Year. The course will consist of 6 Sundays spread over 6 months (dates already set) to learn the philosophy, methodology and practice of the technique as well as some basic physiology, anatomy and pathology. No prior knowledge or experience is needed, but a vocation as a healer is important.

Once you have learnt the basics of tuning into people, being able to do an allergy test and starting to clear allergies you can start to practise in one of our clinics under supervision. We envisage this apprenticeship will last a further 6 months after which we hope to offer you work as a qualified practitioner in our clinics, able to deal with a huge range of physical and mental health problems.

The 6 Sundays will be held at Helios Clinic, 97 Camden Road, Tunbridge Wells and the supervised clinical practice will be initially at In The Clear, 66 Camden Road, Tunbridge Wells. Once our new Brighton centre is up and running, supervised practice will continue there for the practitioners who prefer to work there, until they are competent to practice on their own there. Mentoring will continue as needed. The total cost for the course is £1800, broken down into £900 for the initial 6 Sundays and £900 for as much supervised clinical practice as needed after that.

Training is not just for practitioners

Learning the technique is profoundly helpful for self healing if you have a long term chronic health condition. We can teach you this technique one-on-one and empower you to carry on your healing if and when you feel you need the technique.

“Since learning TBT 20 years ago it has been applied to all aspects in my life from yoga and my children’s health to the health and well-being of humans and animals in my practice. Not a day goes by without me using the technique and I would recommend it for all allergies, mental illness, physical injuries, depression and fears and phobias. 
It reaches places that other therapies don’t. 
Become a practitioner in a therapy with no limits.” – Adele Rogers

If you are interested in learning The Boulderstone Technique please phone us and we can arrange a meeting.