Why become a Boulderstone practitioner?

Becoming a Boulderstone Practitioner is a wonderful and enlightening journey.  It is a journey into life’s vitality and essence.

Using the Boulderstone Technique you can learn to enable healing for a great many different types of illness.

The perfect student for this technique is someone who can sit in openness without judgement of the client. Someone interested in self healing and growth and someone who meditates or wants to learn.

If this technique is interesting to you training is given at the clinic In The Clear.


Training is not just for practitioners.

Learning the technique is profoundly helpful for self healing if you have a long term chronic health condition. We can teach you this technique and empower you to carry on your healing if and when you feel you need the technique.


If you are interested in learning the Boulderstone Technique please phone us and we can arrange a meeting.