Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

After working with hundreds of people with PTSD, we know how to remove the heart of this condition. When gone about in the right way, PTSD can be removed rapidly and easily.

Generally, talking therapies complicate the problem because PTSD is not stored in words. Suppressive drugs also complicate the problem, they push PTSD under the surface and usually only for a short time. Easily, the best solution we have found is the Boulderstone Technique.

PTSD is curable

PTSD is a traumatic experience stored by the body. How do I know? Because I can feel the tension used to store it, this is my skill. Many people can learn do this because it is a skill I teach. If you are a sensitive person imagine standing next to someone with PTSD you, too, may be able to feel their tension.

I have found a way that allows anyone with PTSD to get hold of a small amount of their trauma. PTSD is stored like a hologram, you can get a small amount of it and it is like a watered down version of the whole thing. The point is this small amount of trauma can be healed relatively easily – after all, it is small. By repeating the process of isolating a small piece of the whole and healing that bit we remove all of it. It usually takes a few hours, certainly not days. We remove most people’s PTSD in a single day regardless of severity.

An initial assessment is often helpful and this can be done over the phone. When we have decided on a way forward, you book an appointment. Some people want to come for a single session to make sure the technique is for them and others just want things cleared and book a day. When the whole day is needed, we stay until the problem is cleared. Very occasionally we may need another day but, if that is the case, we do not charge any more. And finally, we can even come to you and work with you in your own environment.

Realise that phoning for an appointment is one of the best things you can do because when the PTSD is removed there is only one thing left, peace.

John Boulderstone