“I was under tremendous pressure at work. The stress kept building up and up. I was hardly sleeping and anxious all the time. I could feel the anxiety causing my heart to flutter which worried me. After one session of TBT I felt much better, more positive and much more human. It was a long time since I felt myself – I had lost the grasp of what normality was.

Now I’m in a much better place. I’m more relaxed at bed time and can switch off and I have more clarity on things in my head. The heart flutter has nearly gone and I am much less stressed. The treatment has been really helpful.”   SD, Tunbridge Wells

Understanding Stress

Understanding Stress I discovered what you are about to read in a slow, bit by bit sort of way and although there were mini-eureka moments as I realised how stress can easily be removed there was no brilliant, nuclear flash of comprehension. Even so, I hope you gain some understanding from reading this article. John […]

Anxiety, Depression & Stress

Anxiety, Depression and Stress It is possible to remove ANXIETY, DEPRESSION and STRESS without changing any external circumstances.

PTSD, Anxiety and Panic Attacks

PTSD, Anxiety and Panic Attacks What people do not realise is just how quickly you can work through post traumatic stress or panic attacks using the Boulderstone Technique and there is no need talk about it! So often words get in the way.

Depression and Grief

Depression and grief If you know anti-depressants are not for you then our approach may be of interest. Our experience of depression is, unfortunately, vast but we have a solution that many people find easy and even enjoyable.

Phobias & Compulsions

Phobias and compulsions “I was absolutely terrified of spiders. I couldn’t ever rest and I was constantly tense in case there was a spider in the room. I would scream and climb on the table if one came in the room. I was petrified one might climb up my leg. After only 3 sessions of The […]

Andrea – Long term PTSD

Long term PTSD I have struggled with complex PTSD for over 15 years. Part of the reason I have struggled so long was because I trusted NO ONE to give me therapy.