Anxiety and stress assessment

including depression, trauma and obsessive behaviours

Our anxiety assessment is a thirty minute exploration of what you are feeling and thinking with a short treatment and a suggestion of what we can do and how long it will take.

We are highly skilled at our job; even after the assessment and short treatment you may feel lighter and more positive. You may also discover that there is a practical way forward without the need for drugs or a lot of talking. We are not really interested in the labels that you may have given, like depression, OCD, psychological trauma and so on, but we are interested in you and the nature of your symptoms.

“My stress levels were in the red by the end of term. I developed some physical symptoms from the stress and I put on weight. One session of The Boulderstone Technique was all I needed to set me straight. It definitely helped. Now I am much better organised and coping much better. The workload has actually increased but I can manage it better. My physical ailments have disappeared again. I will definitely come back if I feel overwhelmed like that again.” – AP, Tonbridge

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